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Few things are more stressful and annoying than a vehicle breakdown. It can happen with little to no warning and is sure to happen at the least convenient time of your day. As long as everyone inside your vehicle is okay, getting yourself and your car out of a bad situation is what’s most important. This is when you may need the help of medium duty towing.


In short, it’s the type of towing for very large vehicles. Medium duty towing is a step below heavy duty towing. The various vehicles that qualify for either category are kind of in a gray area. One towing company may use a heavy-duty tow truck to tow a box truck, while another towing company may use a medium duty tow truck to tow the same vehicle.


The examples above should give you an idea of the general sized vehicle for medium duty towing. The medium-duty tow truck does not consist of a flatbed. Rather, vehicles are towed via the wheel-lift method. This, of course, describes the strategic lifting and securing of a vehicle’s front two wheels, while leaving the rear wheels on the ground to go along for the ride.

The primary characteristic of any tow truck is strength. Tow trucks must possess the strength to lift the vehicle needing a tow truck service. There must be enough confidence in a tow truck’s strength to guarantee a vehicle does not overwhelm the chain and fall from its secure standing. It goes without saying, the result of a dysfunctional tow can be very damaging to your vehicle, and dangerous for all parties surrounding the vehicle and medium duty tow truck.

Medium tow trucks aren’t only strong, but also flexible (for tow truck standards). They won’t take up a lot of space, as they are not excessively long or excessively tall. They can fit in tight parking lots and some can even fit in a parking garage, and successfully tow a vehicle stranded in a parking garage.medium duty towing dayton

We understand you may not be concerned about the type of tow truck that comes to your service, but at Hollis Towing, it is our job to educate our customers as best we can throughout the towing or roadside assistance process.

We understand your main priority is to get your damaged vehicle somewhere safe like a local repair facility. It’s the tow company that uses expertise to decide which piece of equipment within their fleet is applicable. All we’ll need is the year/make/model of the broken-down vehicle and our tow truck experts will dispatch the appropriate tow truck for your vehicle’s needs.

When researching tow companies, you’ll find that the most successful tow businesses offer 24 hour availability, back up their word by showing up in prompt fashion and show a genuine care and empathy for those who have had their day ruined by car trouble. Those three things separate the pedestrian tow companies from the highly credible ones.


Availability is most important in emergency situations. You could certainly make the case that every tow is an emergency. When you’re stuck on the side of a highway with the buzzing sound of cars passing through your ears every second, you’ll be desperate to get to a place of safe standing. The last thing you want to hear from a tow company is “we’re waiting on a tow truck to return before we can get to you” or “sorry, we’re closed”.

100% of a towing service is showing up. If a tow truck doesn’t show up, or can’t show up, it is no service at all. Therefore, you want to select a medium duty towing service that you know will show up in your time of need. That statement stands whether it’s 3 AM on a Friday or 5 PM on Thanksgiving Day.

You see, the true mark of a good tow company is being convenient at an inconvenient time. That’s what we pride ourselves on at Hollis Towing. We want our customers to call us without hesitation, full-well knowing that we’ll do our job right no matter what.

Keep in mind, it’s not just towing. We help people with emergency jumpstarts as well. Knowing how to jumpstart a car is not uncommon knowledge; however, it’s something that must be done correctly, or else worsened car problems may come about. That’s why you should trust our professionals in Dayton, OH before anyone else.

The experts will get to you as soon as possible and execute a successful jump. You won’t have to worry about disrupting our day like you might with a friend or family member. It’s our job to help!


Showing up should be a given for a credible tow company, but the time it takes for a tow truck to show up is what makes or breaks the customer experience. Obviously, location has a lot to do with it. That’s why it’s important to select a towing service that is centrally located within the DFW Metroplex.

Since the early 1980s, Hollis Towing has served the Dayton area with the highest quality light- to heavy-duty towing, roadside assistance, private impound parking enforcement and transport.

Location is one thing, but actual service is another. When we inform you of our ETA, we’re not just throwing out a time that we expect you to accept. Rather, we’re being honest with you and we’re doing everything we can to get to you when we promise, if not before.

The process starts at the Dayton facility where we take customer calls and assign tow operators. We gather the essential information over the phone, such as location and vehicle year/make/model. Other non-immediate info. will be gathered once we arrive. Ultimately, communication is what gets us to our customers in a punctual manner. Choose Hollis Towing for all your Medium Duty Tow Truck needs.